Copenhagen Tales II: Amager—From wind energy to biomass to bikes

The east end of Copenhagen’s Amager island is home to incredible public spaces and serves as a major green energy hub for the region.

With wind farms, a high-tech waste-to-energy plant, a biogas fueling station, and nature park, the region pulls together renewables, nature, and sustainable transportation in a highly visible and accessible way.

This post documents a leisurely cycle trip throughout the northeastern edge of Amager.

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Energy democracy: Where have citizens voted on renewable energy portfolio standards?

When governments tell their utilities to start providing renewable energy over coal and gas-fired electricity it’s a big deal. While it’s very much in fashion for politicians to legislate renewable energy portfolio standards, there’s a new player in town. You. Citizens are behind a number of ballot initiatives that are pushing jurisdictions towards clean energy. But where have these measures succeeded and failed? What can we learn?

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